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Field campaigns 2012


Field observations have been successfully initialized and measurement campaigns have been conducted in the central stream of the Heihe River Basin in summer 2012. A flux observing matrix composed of eddy covariance  and large aperture scintillometer,  in addition to a densely distributed eco-hydrological wireless sensor network have been established to capture multi-scale heterogeneities of evapotranspiration, leaf area index, soil moisture and temperature. With this setup complex problems are addressed, e.g. heterogeneity, scaling, uncertainty, and eventually to fulfil the purpose of closing the water cycle at the watershed scale. Airborne missions have been flown with the payloads of imaging spectrometer, LiDAR, thermal imager and microwave radiometer. Satellite images were pre-processed, such as PROBA-CHRIS, ASTER and TerraSAR-X. Simultaneous ground measurements have been conducted over specific sampling plots and transects to obtain validation data sets.

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